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Terms of cooperation for our Customers.
For the convenience of our customers we have created a simple and transparent system of order, so that we can as fully as possible meet your expectations. Orders are accepted both electronically and by telephone.
On Polish territory, we offer free transportation for whole pallets orders. For smaller quantities shipping cost are covered by the recipient. All orders outside the country are shipped on recipient cost.
Depending on Your needs, we offer free samples of our products, to assess their quality.

Terms of cooperation for new Customers:
- Fill out the registration form - in this way we get all the necessary information on contractors, which are added to the system database.
- Complete the order form.
- The first two orders must be prepaid.
- After paying a prepayment order is accomplished.

Delivery time:
Estimated delivery time depending on the quantity and type of product is up to two weeks.
- Standard color PET film (black and white), is produced every two months, hence the delivery time must be set individually,
- Delivery of large orders for packaging also can be extended, so please contact us for further details.
- Articles on stock are sent within maximum two working days.

Shipping standards.
PET film:
- on pallets, protected with stretch film, or packed in PE bags, each roll shall be marked with a sticker with the data coming from our production line,
- according to customer it is possible to stacking rolls or the use of non-standard pallets

Packaging PET film:
- on pallets, protected with stretch film,
- according to customer it is possible to pack in so-called. guitar, or in a cardboard box (packages cut to size),

Sheets of PET film:
- on pallets, protected with stretch film or according to customer packed in cardboard box
- cardboard packaging is an option for an additional charge and concerns only standard formats

Accessories (spacers, end caps , hooks):
- on pallets, protected with stretch film or packed in cardboard box
- way of packing accessories depends on the amount

Pet flake:
- is packed on pallets in big - bags marked with the type and weight.

Additional information:
-  to each delivery we add transport list and packing list or invoice - please require documents from the carrier
-  goods can be picked up in person by appointment date and time of reception
-  we pick up at our cost the cardboard rolls that remained at our customers after use foil or packaging
-  we guarantee permanent cooperation regarding purchase of production waste of our film (PET offcuts, scrap),
-  shipping of ordered goods are held from Monday to Friday.

Terms of cooperation for our suppliers
JWe are interested in establishing permanent cooperation with suppliers that guarantee the supply of high-quality articles, such as:
- PET flake,
- Postconsumer scrap of PET film – priority is given to our customers,
- PET perform,
Stretch film,
- Cardboard boxes,
- Cardboard tubes/bobinas,
- Packaging adhesive tapes,
- Styrogum (EVA plate).

Terms of cooperation:
- All the delivered goods are transported to us at the expense of the Supplier
- Deliveries can be implemented to our production plant located in Opole (45-831), Wspólna Street 1C (gate No. 13, 14), from Monday to Friday, 8.00 - 18.00. In exceptional cases deliveries are possible at night.
- Suppliers of PET flakes, scrap and preforms are required to pay special attention to cleanliness and to take full responsibility for the quality of delivered goods.
- All production waste must be properly stored until shipment to our production plant, must be placed on pallets in big - bags (PET flake, preform PET) or stacked and secured with binding tape (PET scrap).
- There shall be no presence in the film, flake or in the preform impurities other than PET, in particular, such as: cardboard, adhesive tapes, stretch, metals or garbage from other sources. In case of detection of this type of dirt the entire consignment will be immediately returned to the supplier at his expense.