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Rectangular profiles (jetran) of PET film are produced in a wide range of diameters, cross section square, rectangle and hexagon, which is an ideal replacement for round tubes. We provide packaging with a thickness from 200 up to 500 microns. Thanks to its aesthetics, transparency and mechanical strength of our packages are very popular among local and foreign manufacturers of window decorations such as curtain rods, mini blinds, panels, aluminum profiles, as well as manufacturers of all kinds of gifts that require excellent exposition at the point of sale. The tubes are produced in the form of rolls or sections cut to size in accordance with customer expectations.

The film tube is available in sizes from 15 to 190 mm. The distinguishing feature of this product from others is its incomparable plasticity, flexibility and aestheticization of execution (no appearance of white streaks on the stage of formation of the packages).

It’s rolled flat on the roles of the total length of the beam approx. 200-300 mb, so transportation costs are much lower than in the case of round tubes.

Cutting to size is available without restrictions on length