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Due to the huge interest, Tubiflex Ltd. has expanded its product offer of cutting the sheets of PET film. This service was previously available in Środa Wielkopolska, but now, after moving the production to Opole, we took a fully professional approach and raised it to a new level of advancement and automation of the production process. Sheets are made currently on the most modern machine designed for cutting sheets from the roll. We are equipped with a system of special heaters which ensure that the film remains perfectly flat during the cutting This is particularly important when using the sheet as a carrier material for printing on printing machines. Moreover the sheets can also be used in the production of packaging or provide their part.

What really makes us stand out is unparalleled on Polish market size sheets, because they can have more than 1 meter width! So, to meet the needs of our customers, we cross the B0 format!

For interested, we also service cutting of the sheets on the entrusted material.