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PET is a technical plastic material with high strength and toughness and at the same time with excellent machinability. These characteristics provide a wide range of its applications. Produced by us PET polyester films are perfect for the packaging industry as an alternative to the less ecological films of PP, PVC, or even the PS. Offered by us PET films (A-PET, R-PET, G-PET), are excellent for production of packaging in the process of stamping or thermoforming.

Characteristic of our product is high quality, one-sided gloss, and a very high clarity of transparent PET film and deep coloration of colored PET films – standard colors that we offer are: black and white.

Due to its functionality and aesthetics PET film is ideal for in the advertising industry, used for deep printing as well as material for the manufacture of products such as displays.

Polyester film can also be used as a rigid carrier for tapes, serving as a fastening strip for the production of for example material roller blinds.

Films offered by us are suitable for food contact as evidenced by possessed certificates, since the film ideally suited as a base material for the production of food packaging, tray-type containers, boxes or tubes.

Detailed information about films produced by Tubiflex Ltd. can be found under: Product specification/Films.  

- film made of the original material;
- high clarity, gloss;
- guaranteed repeatability of color - no shades caused by different batches of recyclates - as in the case of R-PET film;
- excellent technical properties;
- approved for contact with food. 

- film made of the original material and recyclates;
- high clarity, gloss;
- small differences in shades between batches – no blue tones – we don’t use optical brightener;
- very good technical properties;
- approved for contact with food.

- three- layer film, with outer layer made of original ;
- clariy and gloss incomparable with R-PET and A-PET films;
- guaranteed repeatability of color;
- excellent technical properties;
- exeptional resistance mechanical damage, cracking;
- approved for contact with food;
- perfect for welding and printing.