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Tubiflex Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality rigid PET film. These films are environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful substances and are fully recyclable. The specificity of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) makes it suitable for use in numerous sectors and industries.

The history of our company begins in Wielkopolska, the production plant in Sroda Wielkopolska. Initial activity based solely on the production of jetran tubes (film tube), used by manufacturers of window decorations. Only after some time, due to the lack on the plastic’s market film appropriate for our packaging, we decided on the next step in development, which was the purchase and commissioning of the line for the production of PET film extrusion and calendering. Since then, we have had full control over the quality of our goods, and also we could lower their price. Production of the film required months of study that finally brought us satisfying results, as evidenced by the opinions of our customers.

In the middle of 2014 we decided to relocate production from Sroda Wielkopolska and establish company in the city of Opole. Moving the plant resulted in a significant improvement in the conditions of production, and also brought another potential for further development of our company. In just a few months, we have expanded the range of our products, both in the production of PET film, as well as the packaging department.

The Packaging department has expanded its range by introducing new types of packaging, and newest solutions regarding closures for tubes, hitherto unknown in our market.

The PET film production department introduced a film intended for contact with food, as well as PET GAG film.

Our products are tailored to each company, giving the opportunity to order both smaller and larger batches. We are flexible and able to meet even the seemingly very difficult tasks.

Tubiflex Ltd. supplies its products in the markets of many countries in Europe. Especially highly appreciated our products are in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus. In Poland, for example, blinds, maps, or curtain rods – so the goods that can be packed in packaging with jetran (tube) are available in stores: Praktiker, OBI, Biedronka, Castorama and Leroy Merlin.